Whatral Whichway?

Neutral Norway is a poetry collective consisting of Comrade Homeless,
Abi  Christmas, Dr Archie Fitz, Mia Mockery, Milly Blue and James Child 
based beside the seaside
in  Falmouth. We will keep you posted with poets and plastered in poetry.
Wriggling in words and writhing in rhythm. Lets all be poets. Prose.
Without Question. Before Hoes.

check out our individual blogs here:

smallstoriesandlittlebooks.blogspot.com – Mia Mockery

comradehomeless.blogspot.com - Comrade Homeless

mindlessexchange.blogspot.com – Dr Archibald Fitzgerald

devainthewater.blogspot.com – Milly Blue

bloodyabichristmas.blogspot.com - Abi Christmas

thedoorwesometimesmeet.blogspot.com – James Child

2 Responses to Whatral Whichway?

  1. Nasty Nixon. says:

    You guys do realise that Prose is not Poetry?
    They are literally opposites.
    Literary opposites.
    Literally Literary Opposites.

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