how softly we bash against nothing.

the soft scythe.

no use for a name

we bathe in more steam than water.

we plan our captive nothingess and race

to face our mothers

DREAMING of the day

our passports fit in our pockets, our wallets,

making space for me in knicker drawers,

lavender bagged identification drooling over 32C’s.

we grow out of beds made above us,

treating our lovers like our daughters.

then shifting shifts our noses to the sky

making sure we can see over

our jewishness.

raised voices and forgiveness on rye

with salmonella traces on your gentle hands we kiss.

don’t do this. asparagus tips. sliced onion tears of acetic life

hermaphroditic spelling of homogeneous copulation,

sexual beings fucking kittens with breasts and bottoms like tinkerberries.

we will fuck so we will grow.

white wine muscles stay hot in our bowl,

rice grain eyes.

morning breath notions of self love. hard cocks. strong hands.

uncontrollable urges we have never had want for.

we have. we use. swap our skins contort our bodies let our wrists catch

up with our minds

wrench our tongues

out of our mouths

reach and know

if not reach and try

and boil our food ’till its fired we die.

tea spoons in our hands face in dinner plates.

posture possesses nothing of me. i am a rump.

we hope we will amount to something in the eyes of nobody.

nothing in the eyes of all.

congratulations neighbour you are a homosapien now.




About thefateofneutralnorway

Neutral Norway is a poetry collective made up of Comrade Homeless, Abi Christmas, Dr Archie Fitz, Mia Mockery, James Child and Milly Blue based beside the seaside in Falmouth. We will keep you posted with poets and plastered in poetry. Wriggling in words and writhing in rhythm. Lets all be poets. Prose. Without Question. Before Hoes.
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