The Greatest Story Ever Told.


About thefateofneutralnorway

Neutral Norway is a poetry collective made up of Comrade Homeless, Abi Christmas, Dr Archie Fitz, Mia Mockery, James Child and Milly Blue based beside the seaside in Falmouth. We will keep you posted with poets and plastered in poetry. Wriggling in words and writhing in rhythm. Lets all be poets. Prose. Without Question. Before Hoes.
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One Response to The Greatest Story Ever Told.

  1. mac dunlop says:

    will see you there,
    just a note incase its of interest to any TFONN fans:
    I’m leading a
    Talk and workshop on writing for broadcast and performance
    at Tremough Campus
    Thursday, February 24 ยท 2:00pm – 3:00pm
    University College Falmouth, Tremough campus

    places are limited, but free, to book email a.s.hallett(at)
    or get in touch with me, Mac Dunlop
    at unspokenwords1(at)

    timetable 2pm to 3pm
    1) a writing exercise “fours”
    2) live recording of an unspoken words radio show
    2) writing exercise ‘the incredible object”.
    10 to 15 minutes for discussion at end.

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